Core Courses & Electives

Courses for Option one: Aging and the Life Course***

AGE2000H Masters Core Principles of AgingCourse Outline offered Fall 2023

AGE3000H Doctoral Core Advanced Research Seminar in Aging and the Life Course

Note: AGE2000H is a prerequisite for entry into the doctoral level of the Collaborative Specialization

Courses for Option two: Palliative and Supportive Care***

AGE1000H Masters Core – offered Fall 2023
AGE1500H Doctoral Core

Note: AGE1000H is a prerequisite for entry into the doctoral level of the Collaborative Specialization.

Requests to approve other courses as equivalents for fulfilling program requirements for either option may be made to the Specialization Committee.

Electives from Other Participating Units:***

DEN 1003Y Preventive Dentistry
NUR 1057H Interventions to Enhance Health, Abilities and Well-Being of Older Persons
SLP 1533Y Aphasia
SLP 1534Y Motor Speech Disorders
SOC 6707H Intermediate Data Analysis
SWK 4614H Social Work in Palliative Care (only open to MSW students)
SWK 4618H Special Topics in Gerontological Social Work (Winter 2023)
SWK 4634H Family Practice Across the Life Cycle: Caregiving and Older Adults (Winter 2023)
SWK 4641H Special Topics in Social Work in Gerontology: Health & Aging offered April-June 2023
SWK 4803H Special Studies 3: Grief Loss and Bereavement: Theory and Practice (course identifier may change)

Note: Students taking either option may choose as electives the masters core course in the other option.

Additional Electives for Option Two Only:***

Relational Practices with Families in Oncology and Palliative Care (OVGS form required – contact Institute for details)
HAD 5301H Intro to Clinical Epidemiology and Health
HAD 5730H Research Economics I: Economic Evaluation
HAD 5771H Resource Allocation Ethics
MSC 1090H Intro to Clinical Biostatistics
NUR 1021H Nursing Ethics
NUR 1024H Qualitative Research: Foundations, Methods and Designs
NUR 1025H Doing Qualitative Research
NUR 1045H Theories of Pain: Impact on the Individual, Family and Society
NUR 1046H Persistent Illness: Theoretical, Research and Practice Implications
NUR 1050H Coping with Illness
PHL 2145H How Bioethics Fits Into Other Disciplines
PHL 2146Y Topics in Bioethics

*** Note: Course dates and times may change from year to year – please make sure to check with the department offering the course to confirm day, time and location.