Visiting Professors

Applications for Becoming a Visiting Professor at the Institute for Life Course & Aging

The Institute for Life Course & Aging at the University of Toronto values and welcomes Visiting Professors as an important source of ideas and opportunities for student learning and faculty collaboration in research and teaching. According to University of Toronto policy, faculty from other universities and research institutes who hold continuing appointments in their home institutions may be appointed to a department or Faculty as a Visiting Professor. The visiting professor will be expected to contribute to the research and teaching activities of the academic unit.

Requests to visit the Institute should be directed to the Director’s office before December 1 of any given year.

All requests should contain:

  • the timing of the visiting scholarship requested
  • an assurance that the applicant has a continuing appointment at another university (to be followed up at a later date with a letter from the home institution)
  • funding sources for their time with the Faculty
  • the CV of the applicant
  • a brief summary of research to be conducted while at the University of Toronto
  • proposed contributions to the Institute in terms of research collaborations, service and teaching

All visiting professors require a faculty member host. Thus, the Director’s office will circulate information provided by Visiting Professor applicants to Institute faculty members and call for expressions of interest in hosting the visitor.

In December of each year the Collaborative Program Committee will meet to review applicants for Visiting Professors and will consider the strengths of the candidates and their potential contribution to the Institute. The number of Visiting Professors each year will be determined by availability of hosts and space.

Successful candidates will be notified by mail and will be provided with instructions for proceeding with University procedures and immigration.

Visiting Professors will be listed on the Institute’s website with a brief biography.