Institute Seminar Series Webcast Archive 2016 – 2017

Understanding the Issue of Elder Mistreatment: What do we know? – David Burnes
click here for pdf of powerpoint presentation

Social Networks and the Elderly: An overview of their value and techniques to engage them – Allie Peckham

Age-Friendly Community Initiatives: Lessons from Toronto – Andrea Austen, Raza Mirza & Sander Hitzig
click here for pdf of powerpoint presentation

EngAGING in Place: Using Photovoice to document Southern Labrador Inuit Perspectives on Aging Well  – Jessica Pace

Complete Mental Health Among Older Adults and Vulnerable Populations  – Esme Fuller-Thomson
click here for pdf of powerpoint presentation

Age Studies Activism from across the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences: Introducing the Toronto Age Studies Collaborative Research Group  – Marlene Goldman, Stephen Katz, Pia Kontos, Julia Gray
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“Who Cares?!” Clinical Research Strategies on Family Caregivers of the Elderly  – Joel Sadavoy

Propagation of Disorder in Later Life: Neighbourhood, Home, and Body  – Markus Schafer

Troubling Sexuality and Work in Long-Term Residential Care  – Alisa Grigorovich

Mapping a Critical Landscape for Sexuality in Dementia  – Pia Kontos, Alisa Grigorovich, Linn Sandberg



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