Institute Seminar Series Webcast Archive 2012 – 2013


Building an Age-Friendly Toronto – Councillor Josh Matlow

Decision Support Tools to Address the Needs for Community Support Services for Seniors – Michael Carter, PhD

From Fall to Faller: Body Studies and the Materiality of Aging – Stephen Katz, PhD

The Importance of Muscle Health in Healthy Aging – Cathy Amara, PhD

Intergenerativity: Innovations in the Concepts and Practices of Lifelong Learning and Health – Peter Whitehouse, PhD

Optimizing Early Life to Enhance Later-Life Health – Stephen Lye, PhD

Population Neuroscience of the Transgenerational Brain – Tomas Paus, PhD, MD

It Takes Two to Tangle: Alzheimer’s and Small Vessel Disease in the Aging Brain –  Sandra Black, MD, FRCP

Thinking About Brain and Behavior Links in Aging – Randal McLntosh, PhD

Video games,  Aging, and the Politics of Fitness Promotion – Brad Millington, PhD

With Respect to Old Age: Developing Ontario’s Seniors Care Strategy – Samir Sinha, MD, DPhil, FRCPC


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