Institute Seminar Series Webcast Archive 2009 – 2010


Aging and the Interplay of Motivation and Cognition – Julia Spaniol, PhD

An Economic Analysis of Routine Screening for HIV in People Over Age 55 – Ahmed Bayoumi, PhD

Assessing Quality and Outcomes of Care for Older Adults: Insights from the POWER Study – Arlene Bierman, MD, MS

The Baycrest Geriatric Assessment and Treatment Unit (GATU): Managing Acute and complex Elderly Patients, Facilitating Social Integration, and Maximizing Independence – Michelle A. Hart, MD CCFP

Bilingualism and its Protection of Cognitive Function in Old Age –  Ellen Bialystok, PhD, FRSC

Brain Health Across the Life Span – Willam E. Reichman, MD

Lifelong Learning for Older Adults: From Rhetoric to Practice – Marvin Formosa, PhD

Long Term socioeconomic Status and the Ecperience of Preventable Disease: A Comparitive Analysis of Fundemental Cause Theory – Andrea Wilson, PhD

Memory in Healthy Aging and Amnesia: Deficits and Possible Routes to Remediation – Jennifer D. Ryan, PhD

Optimizing Healthy Aging – Carol L. McWilliam, RN, MScN, EdD

World Hospice Palliative Care Day Special Lecture – Julie Darnay, Christopher Klinger

20 Years of Geographic Change in the Elderly Population of Ontario: Challenging the Delivery of Formal and Informal Care – Mark Rosenberg, PhD

23rd Abernethy Lecture: The Distribution and Dynamics of Care-giving – Maximiliane E. Szinovacz, Ph.D.


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