Institute Seminar Series Webcast Archive 2008 – 2009


A Research Project in Progress: Queering the Life Course: Life Histories of Older Gay Men – Barry Trentham, PhD

Advance Care Planning: let’s Stop the Madness – Judith Wahl, LLB

Distraction Regulation and Aging – Lynn Hasher, MD,FRCP

Having Difficult Therapeutic Conversations: How to Include People With Aphasia and Other Communication Barriers – Alexandra Rowland, PhD

How Age Affects Auditory-Cognitive Interactions in Speech Comprehension – Bruce Schneider, Gurjit Singh

How Cognitive Rehabilitation Woks to Recover Memory Loss in Old Age – Gordon Winocur, Ph.D.

Issue in Research Ethics and Aging – Michael Gordon, MD, MSc, FRCP(C)

Putting Care on the Map: Exhibiting Research – Ardra Cole, Ed.D. & Maura McIntyre

The Quality of Death in Metastatic Cancer- Sarah Hales, MD. FRCP

What is Geriatric Syndrome and Why Does it Matter Anyway – Barry Goldlist, MD, FRCPC, FACP


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