Institute Online Workshops – Information/FAQs

Your Time is Your Own:
We suggest people spend 2 to 3 hours a week and login at least 2 to 3 times a week to better engage in
the ongoing discussions, however, as you have access 24/7 you are most welcome to login as often and
for as long as you like! We expect you to make at least two or three replies per week, to help you create
a more vibrant experience for yourself in the online learning environment.

There may be a scheduled online chat, but it is completely voluntary as not all participants are expected
to be available at the same time. We are now able to record chats and have them made available for all
to see, but the decision to record will be left to the individual instructor.

No Grades or Homework:
There are no tests or graded assignments, or homework per se, though the instructor will provide
materials and will ask you to reflect on specific questions in order to better engage you in the materials.

Participation Expected:
We do expect our participants to enhance their own online experience by interacting with the
instructor, the materials, and other participants in the discussions set up in the workshop. Although you
can post as often as you like, two or three replies per week is the minimum expectation to help create a
more engaging online learning environment for all.

Letter of Completion:
The workshops are informal. Instead of certificates, we send a letter of completion confirming that you
participated and outlining the topics covered. In order to receive your letter, we ask that you evaluate
the workshop. At the end of the workshop we post an online evaluation survey and ask people to let us
know how they would rate their workshop experience. Once we have your completed evaluation, and
your payment, we send you a letter of completion.

What does the Workshop Look Like:
The workshops are structured so you can read and use the materials and resources uploaded by the
instructor. There may be powerpoints, pdf’s of articles or brochures, links to websites, video clips, and
or word documents, all prepared and chosen to inform you on the topic at hand. There are also
discussions within the workshop where you can respond to the materials and reply to the discussion
topic and to other’s comments, and get to know the other participants and read how they experience
the issues under discussion. The workshops also will allow online chats and webinars, at the discretion
of the instructor.

Payment is made online through our website: where there is a link on our home
page and on our workshops page to the online registration and payment page. If your organization is
paying for you, they can use the online payment system. If they can’t pay online, they may send a
cheque made payable to the Institute for Life Course and Aging to our address at 246 Bloor Street West,
Room 238, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1V4. Here are the instructions for online registration and payment
(note that Internet Explorer may not work as well as other browsers like Firefox or Chrome):

  1. Go to and scroll down to the current “New Workshop Announcement”
    and click on the “Register here” link, OR
  2. Hover over the “Events” tab in the blue bar running across the upper part of the homepage, and
    wait for the drop down menu of “Seminars” and “Workshops”
  3. Click on “Workshops” where you will see all the upcoming workshops
  4. Scroll down and Click on “Register and Pay Online Now”
  5. It will take you to a registration screen, fill in your name, email that you want to use for the
    workshop and click on Workshop Registration (Regular, for 4 week workshop, is $240; Student
    fee is $120) – note: Make sure you list your name, position and address in the manner you wish
    to see it on your letter of completion
  6. There is a secure payment section where you can use your credit card to make the payment.

Workshops are only offered if there is sufficient enrolment.
The decision is made by the registration deadline, one week prior to the workshop start date. If the workshop is cancelled, and you have registered and paid, we will fully refund your money either online or by cheque. If you decide to cancel your registration, we will retain a $20 admin fee and refund the rest of your money either online or by cheque, but only if you do so before the registration deadline one week prior to the start. If you cancel your registration after the registration deadline, there is no guarantee of a refund.

Login access:
The online workshops are made available through the University of Toronto’s online system called
“Quercus” under “Courses”. The day the workshop begins, you will receive your login access information
telling you how to access Quercus and find your workshop. Note that the email on your registration
form is the one we use to create your login access to the online workshop and where you will receive
any course announcements or emails
. It can take 2 to 3 days for access to become active in the system,
so we recommend that you let us know the email you wish to use for the workshop at least a week
ahead of the workshop start date, in order to start on time. As the workshop is geared for use at your
own pace, we do allow people to have a late start.

Reimbursement Rules:
Full – if requested by the Friday before the workshop begins
50% – if requested by the Wednesday of the 1st week
0% – if requested after the Friday of 1st week

Access to materials:
Materials will be accessible starting the first day of the workshop, and will be available until 1 month after the end of the workshop.