Hoarding in Later Life

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When: Mon Mar 11 – Sun Apr 7, 2024 (4 weeks) ONLINE weekly at your discretion
Cost:    $240 (Students $120) Registration Deadline: Monday, Mar 4, 2024
This workshop will be offered only if there is sufficient enrolment. Registration and payment available online at https://aging.utoronto.ca/642-2/

Course Objectives:

  • To gain familiarity with current standardized assessment measures for Hoarding Disorder
  • To be able to assess hoarding comprehensively
  • To be able to discuss a comprehensive model of hoarding and treatment principles
  • To understand the ethical and legal implications of identifying and working with people with Hoarding Disorder


Week 1: What is it? Looking at the Phenomenology, Epidemiology, Etiology, and Diagnostic Criteria for Hoarding Disorder

  • Hoarding from a historical perspective
  • How has the classification of Hoarding Disorder changed and why?
  • What is the difference between collecting, clutter and hoarding?
  • Epidemiology of Hoarding Disorder
  • Etiology of Hoarding Disorder

Week 2:  A Model of Hoarding from a Multifactorial Perspective

  • What is the current understanding of the causes of Hoarding Disorder?
  • How does this understanding inform treatment?
  • Introduction of a comprehensive evidenced-based biopsychosocial model of hoarding

Week 3:  Assessment of Hoarding Disorder and Interpersonal Strategies

  • What are commonly used standardized assessment tools for Hoarding Disorder?
  • Considerations for assessment interviews: non-verbal cues, need for empathy and a non-judgmental attitude, and specific questions to ask
  • Video simulation of a mock interview with a hoarder

Week 4:   Treatment Efficacy and Principles; Ethical and Legal Implications

  • Review of efficacy of evidence-based treatments
  • Introduction to drug treatment options
  • Principles of Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for Hoarding Disorder
  • Discussion of ethical and legal issues when working with individuals with Hoarding Disorder

Eliza Burroughs, M.C., R.P. Eliza is a Registered Psychotherapist who has been working in the area of mood and anxiety disorders for over 20 years, with a particular interest in helping individuals with OCD, Hoarding, and related disorders. Eliza provides individual and group-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in private practice, having worked at the FW.Thompson Centre at Sunnybrook, CAMH, and Peterborough Regional Hospital. She has also been involved in community-based interventions for Hoarding in Toronto and Peterborough. Along with Dr. Peggy Richter, Eliza co-developed and previously facilitated this current workshop. She has also provided numerous workshops and presentations on Hoarding and other mental health topics.

Registration and payment available online at https://aging.utoronto.ca/642-2/

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